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Case Report
A rare indication for appendectomy: acute appendicitis following ingestion of a foreign body
Foreign body ingestion is mostly seen in the pediatric age group but can also occur accidentally or intentionally in adults. However, only about 20% of cases require endoscopic intervention, and less than 1% necessitate surgical intervention. Rarely, ingested foreign bodies can lead to acute appendicitis, requiring appendectomy. In the presented case, a patient who swallowed a screw seven days prior was closely monitored, and when the foreign body did not change position, colonoscopy was performed up to 20 cm proximal to the ileocecal valve without finding the object. As the patient developed tenderness upon abdominal examination, treatment was completed with appendectomy. It should be kept in mind that, although rare, acute appendicitis can develop in patients who have ingested foreign bodies and may require appendectomy.

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