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The comparison of corneal endothelium morphology through specular microscopy in morbid obesity with healthy controls
Aims: To evaluate the morphological changes in corneal endothelial cells with morbid obesity, and to analyze the relationship between BMI and corneal endothelial features.
Methods: The central corneal thickness (CCT), the average endothelial cell density (ECD) (cell/mm²), average cell area (CA) (µm²), coefficient of variation of cell area (CV)- (CV: Standard deviation/CA) values were recorded via specular microscopy in morbidly obese patients and controls. The whole parameters were compared.
Results: The morbid obese patients had significantly thicker corneas (p=0.013), and significant loss of hexagonality (p=0.012) compared with controls, while there was no significant difference in ECD (p=0.311), CA (p=0.292), and CA (p=0.161). In linear regression analysis, there was no significant correlation between CCT, abdominal circumference, and the endothelium parameters.
Conclusion: Although BMI has the effect of changing corneal morphology, this change is not correlated with an increase in BMI.

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Volume 1, Issue 4, 2023
Page : 78-81